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Volia Chajkouskaya photo
Volia Chajkouskaya is a producer and festival director. She launched Volia Films production company in 2016, the company is registered in Estonia and Belarus.
  • a participant of CICAE training for Art Cinema Professionals in September 2016 at Venice IFF
  • a board member of Producers and Film Production Guild of Belarus
  • has a journalistic background (has a Bachelor in Journalism and 11 years of working experience in Media)
  • studying (2018-2020) Masters Degree in directing and producing a Documentary Film in Baltic Film and Media School (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • teaching film and giving public lectures about film
Volia Chajkouskaya is a founder and program director of the second biggest film festival in Belarus – Northern Lights Nordic Baltic Film Festival in Belarus. The festival is focusing on Northern European and Baltic fictions and documentaries, has a developed industry platform and a wide range of side events.
Volia Films produced a full-length documentary The Road Movie (dir. Dmitrii Kalashnikov) in 2016. The Road Movie was world premiered at IDFA First Appearance Competition the same year and was screened at more then 80 festivals. In January 2018 The Road Movie had US distribution – 35 cinemas. See the fill filmography of Volia Films here.
Volia Films is also operating as a promotion, sales and distribution company.