Tilda Publishing
dir. Olga Prusak, Belarus, 2016
Original Title: БЕЛ-79
English Title: BEL-79
Genre: Documentary
Tech specs: 38 min, B&W + Color, Full HD video, Dolby Digital
Language: Russian
Subtitles: English
Release: 13 August 2017
Director: Olga Prusak
Sound Design: Evgeny Vrubleuski
Cinematographer: Evgeny Vrubleuski
Countries of production: Belarus
World Sales: Volia Films
In a deaf and indifferent world a young man from a small Belarusian town struggles with loneliness of a schizophrenia by wandering along the streets with his only friend – a two-wheels tractor. His road full of obstacles and onlookers' glances eventually takes an unpredictable route to an island where the exiled from Heaven loner will find the truth about himself and the universe.
What is Paradise Lost? What do we desperately long for? And how to find it? This question is like a thorn in the heart for many, but Oleg, the main outcast of a small Belarusian town, knows the answer to at least one of them: a man can't be happy alone. A lonely schizophrene is a local community 'landmark' known for wandering along the streets with his only friend - a small tractor; that's how he is perceived by his neighbours and strangers - as an oddity. But nobody wants to get to know 'real' Oleg - a person who is excitingly waiting for every new day to come viewing it as a chance to find his place among others.

Understanding that his struggle with loneliness doesn't bring results Oleg swims to a secret island leaving his companion tractor behind and regretting not to have wheels BEL-79 that could let him to cross the water together with his friend. There, in the absolute solitude, 'the strangest man of the town, being exiled from Heaven, hopes to find his new Paradise… only to understand that it doesn't exist.

Russia, 2017
Italy, 2018