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The Road Movie
dir. Dmitrii Kalashnikov, Belarus-Russia-Serbia-Croatia-US, 2016
"Pure fucking cinema."
Katie Walsh, PLAYBOY

"Somewhere between 'Jackass' and 'Faces of Death' lies the queasy allure of THE ROAD MOVIE".
Dennis Harvey, VARIETY

"Sumptuously curated and exquisitely edited. If you are not of the faint of heart, you had best seek this one out".

Original Title: Дорога
English Title: The Road Movie
Genre: Observational Documentary, Found Footage
Tech specs: 52/67 min, Color, DCP, Full HD video, Dolby 5.1
Language: Russian
Subtitles: English
Release: November 2016

Director: Dmitrii Kalashnikov
Producer: Volia Chajkouskaya
Co-producers: Rustam Khairetdinov, Srdjan Sarenac
Executive Producers: Christian D. Bruun, Rafael Avigdor
Production Company: Volia Films
Co-production companies: Eight and A Half Studio, Novi Film, Light Cone Pictures
Sound Design: Aleksei Kulkov
Color Design: Redzinald Simek
Original Score: Aukcion, Troitsa, Red Snapper
Countries of production: Belarus, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, USA
World Sales: Syndicado
US Distributor: Oscilloscope
Super-objective dashboardcam videos grow into a strong image of Russian national character with its permanent awaiting for the miracle and habitual approach to real dramas. Everything can happen on Russian roads. Everything can happen on the road of life.
This fascinating mosaic of asphalt adventures and landscape photography, in which video footage from a variety of dashboard cameras presents the absurd and frightening nature of Russia. Alongside a series of bizarre car accidents on the country's roads, the dashboard cameras also capture other spectacles through the windshield, such as a hysterical wedding guest, a confused man and a horse-drawn sleigh. More than once, angry motorists brandish axes, pistols or sledgehammers at the camera, and at times the camera itself seems to come to life, when it is chucked out of the car or stolen by someone breaking in. The footage of spectacular trips through a forest fire, tall snowdrifts or flooded streets is almost poetic – and what's that up there in the sky? Is it a plane crashing, or could it be a comet? Bemused commentary from unseen drivers and passengers or the sound of the car radio provides unintentionally comical moments. Would someone please call 911?
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Russian dashcam videos—the ones that show dashboard footage of ridiculous car crashes and random madness on the roads of the Motherland—became popular on the Internet presumably because people enjoy watching chaos from a distance.

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Dmitrii Kalashnikov's Russian dash cam movie, The Road Movie, opens in a bevy of US cinemas today. Oscilloscope is going all out for this release, their biggest theatrical run for any of their acquisitions, so we imagine there should be no issue finding a local multiplex near you playing this film.